The Honest Boss Unfiltered: Our Story

Hey bosses!

Turns out, keeping up with a side hustle within our full-time *side-hustle turned business* was harder than we expected! But, we're back to show you the honest truth about why we went MIA for a bit and how we're planning
to come back bigger & better than before. Because as you know, as entrepreneurs, dreams don't just end once a brand or website is launched. This ever evolving idea + your stories have helped us grow in so many ways.

If you haven't met us yet, we're Sarah & Jordan, the founders of The Honest Boss and we want to let you in on a vey unfiltered process of what our meetings look like. In this first segment, we went back to the beginning and our story:

How can we build a community that bonds over the mess of running
a business?

This question came to us within our own friendship founded over client work, vent sesh's and the ever familiar "Am I even good at this!?" That was our first 'how' and then know it just grew from there.


Press play below and bless you if you make it to the end with no interruptions – we know it's NOT easy. Feel free to press play on a long drive, or tune in during your work day for some entertainment. ;)

Also, since this is very unfiltered, we're letting you in on all the juice of our personal and business lives, so feel free to drop a comment below so we can dive into any questions you have about our lives, re-branding a community, or just building one in general.

P.S. Official meeting kick-off is around 9:50.....we like to talk...