Ashley Beaudin of The Imperfect Boss

Meet ashley beaudin, visionary + speaker, of the imperfect boss. 


Tell us your story, in a timeline! 



I had just entered my first year of university in a human rights program. I was feeling passionate and idealistic ready to start movements and non-profits that would flip the world upside down and make it a better place for vulnerable children.


I started my first online social media campaign, empowering women to declare a lie they wanted to overcome such as not feeling worthy and brought them together in intentional community that spoke truth into one another. It was at this moment that I became obsessed with bringing women together on the Internet.


I had just launched The Imperfect Boss. I had seen thousands of women coming together in a moment to share confessions about what it is really like to work for yourself and make your dreams happen. I became electric on this message of vulnerability, of confidence, of being real and how can we as women be absolutely unapologetic in bringing our gifts to the world.



Give us a play-by-play of a (work) day in your life.



I am absolutely a late night owl. No miracle mornings happening over here. So, I wake up late. I often let my mornings be incredibly slow. And I never book things in the morning. Never-ever.


In the afternoons, these are often filled with phone calls! I do meetings for interviews, for client work, for getting-to-know-other- creatives, for collabs, etc. I will try in the afternoons to also clean my room. Yes, I clean my room every single day. I will also start working on content creation such as social media, new programs, or articles. Other times, I may be teaching classes or doing live video.


In the evenings, these are my inspiration hours! I come alive like a lightbulb. So, this is when I do my most creative work. When I think about my leadership, my vision and where I want to take things next.


Every night before I sleep, I try to do my self- care routine. I have a notebook I use specifically for my self-care routine where I do self-care for my body, my mind and my heart. Everything from journalling to essential oils to meditation. This practice keeps me filled up and renewed.



Tell us the real sh*t that goes on behind the scenes.

A: Here's the thing I've learned. Business has taught me and shown me what's really inside of my heart. It has given me a window to my fears, my biggest self-doubts, the pain I've tried to hide and made me face what I really, really think about myself.

And sometimes yes, I have these amazing moments and successes. But, sometimes I have meltdowns. Sometimes I feel like my work doesn't matter. Sometimes I cry over being told 'no' or feeling like I am not enough. Sometimes I feel incredibly lonely.

But I have learned to deal with my insides. To connect with my heart. To work my way through the self-doubts. To build new patterns of speaking to myself. To process the things that are hard, disappointing, and scary. And to see myself as a beautiful, talented woman.

I believe that this process, when we face ourselves and we embrace it, makes us better leaders, better entrepreneurs, better human beings. And I am all for it.



Tell us how many bevvy's you consume in a day + what they are!

A: Guys, I drink so much pop. It is a problem and it is a party all in one.



What systems do you use in your business that keep you sane?

A: My go-to systems are:

Email management: Streak and Boomerang.
Calendar scheduling: Calendly.
Client management: 17hats.
Pinterest scheduling: Board Booster.
Form Management: Typeform.



Any words of wisdom for other bosses?

A:  There is so much I could say, but I think my biggest piece of advice for other bosses can be distilled to this:

Your imperfection is not what disqualifies you. It is your message.














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