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Meet Chelsea Foy, the founder and editor of Lovely Indeed.


Tell us your story, in a timeline! 

10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago.

Chelsea: 10 years ago, I was just leaving a teaching job to move to New York City. I had been a high school choir teacher and wanted to move to the city to pursue a career in musical theatre. I booked a national tour shortly after moving, where I met a dude. (That dude is now my husband.) 
After the dude and I had been dating for a couple of years, he proposed. I had always been creative, and wanted a very DIY wedding. I started cruising around online and accidentally stumbled into the world of DIY blogs -- I had no idea there were so many people like me in the world, who liked to make things with their hands just for the joy of it! So I went down the rabbit hole. I also started my own blog to document all of the projects that we were putting together for our wedding. 

5 years ago, we had been married for a year and I found myself still blogging. I realized that I loved it, and I also realized that people kept coming back to check in on the things we were doing, making, and sharing. So I kept at it. Eventually, musical theatre became my hobby and blogging became my career. 

1 year ago, I was pregnant and exhausted, finishing up a home remodel and a season of carrying our second baby. Now she's almost one, our family is complete, and I feel a renewed sense of joy for the work I get to do every day. We both work from home, care for our children, and fill each day with as much creativity as we can muster.



Give us a play-by-play of a (work) day in your life.

Chelsea: I'm always up first, around 5:30, and I head to the gym to get in a workout. Run home, shower, hair, makeup, and get dressed before anyone else is awake. 
Usually around that time the kids start stirring. Make Henry breakfast, nurse Maggie while my husband showers. Then, depending on whose day it is, one of us takes the kids and the other sits down at a computer to work. We both work from home and we've developed a pretty detailed schedule of who is in charge of childcare at what times on which days. 
Work work work, play play play until noon! 12 pm is that magic time where everything stops and the four of us have lunch together (on the days when Henry isn't at preschool). We play with the kids a little after lunch and then it's nap time. 
Nap time is the best time! About 90 minutes of uninterrupted work, so usually we are both at our computers slamming things out. Responding to emails, editing photos, planning shoots, concepting projects -- all kinds of stuff happens at nap time. 
Once the kids are up, one of us is back on kid duty and the other is back to work. If I'm working, this is usually the time when I get into a DIY project and create something for the blog. 
The afternoon usually flies by, and at 5pm we power down. We play some more, make dinner, eat as a family, and do something fun until bed and bath time. 
Sometimes after bedtime you'll find us at our computers getting in a little extra push of work for the day -- but more likely we're on the couch with cocktails and Game of Thrones.



Tell us the real sh*t that goes on behind the scenes.

Chelsea: Okay here's the deal. I came to a realization in the last year, and it's this: I'm never going to be a BIG deal. Like, one of those Mega Bloggers. And shortly after I came to that realization, I realized: I'm cool with that. I'm so blessed to make enough income to support our family, I have a substantial, loyal blog following made up of rad people, and I get to work a reasonable amount of hours and still be with my kids. For so long I was pushing and pushing to become "blogger famous," but I realize now that I didn't really consider whether I actually wanted that. I know so many bigger bloggers than I, who have zero time for themselves, who spend way too much money keeping up appearances, and who don't really love what they do. I'm never going to make as much money as they do, or have as many followers, or be as well-known. But I sort of... don't care. ;) 

On the other hand, while those big bloggers are working in their massive studios with teams of people and full-time employees, I'm working in our home studio with a toddler and a baby hanging off of me. Which is why sometimes I maybe wish my photo quality was better. Or why sometimes I know I didn't brainstorm my best ideas. Or why my social media isn't always on point. So it's a tradeoff. But we have found a system that works for our family and our businesses, and we are committed to it.



How many bevvys do you consume in a day?

also, what are they?

AM: Slam 2-3 tumblers of water (usually from a tumbler). 
Lunch: Gotta have a Diet Coke. Gotta. 
PM: Post-lunch La Croix to keep me going. Then 2-3 more tumblers of water. 
Late Night: My husband makes the BEST cocktails. Current faves are a Bee's Knees or a Dark & Stormy.



What systems do you use in your business that keep you sane?

Daily To-Dos: Teux Deux, Google Calendar (synced with my husband), and I use my Gmail inbox as a bit of a to-do list as well. 
Blog Publishing and Social Sharing: Wordpress, Wordpress calendar plugin, CoSchedule Wordpress integration (the best thing in the world!), Tailwind for Pinterest. 
Photos and Photo Editing: Canon 5D Mark iii, Fuxi XT2, Photoshop, Lightroom, iPhone photos, A Color Story editing app, and Snapseed editing app


Any words of wisdom for other bosses?

Chelsea: My compass in business is the same as my compass in life: Be As You Are. And you can't go wrong.





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